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Tree surgery

Level 1

All forms of tree surgery performed from large clearances to individual pruning. Also hedge cutting (by hand) promoting growth to the lower aspect of your hedge.

We carry out the 4 major categories of tree surgery.

Total removal:
Section by section removal of tree limbs and trunk so as not to cause any damage to your property or garden.

Crown thinning:
We can reduce the density of your tree’s crown (the entire branch system), thus increasing the penetration of light through its foliage. This is specified as a % and generally is no more than 30%.

Crown lifting:
We can remove lower branches to a specified height leaving a greater clearance for pathways or vehicles. This also allows for a greater penetration of light to the ground level, promoting growth of lawns and enabling views from under the canopy.

Crown reduction:
We can reduce the overall size and shape of your tree by shortening branches, thus controlling its on-going growth and protecting property. This will be established at a specific height and width. Cutting of the main stem to reduce height (pollarding) will promote growth to its lower branches, but may cause harm to the tree.

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